BEHERE&LOVE is a beautiful London based yoga brand that combines the ease of yoga athleisure wear with a cool aesthetic. The collection was driven by the desire to give yoga wear an edge whilst still retaining the beauty and essence of the yogic spirituality. This spiritual philosophy runs throughout the collection so that every garment comes with its own valued lesson or piece of wisdom, however small. This is because BEHERE&LOVE is a clothing range designed with a concept at its core. So that it speaks to fellow yogis and resonates with them on and off the mat. BEHERE&LOVE sources ethnically sourced and fair trade materials that are super soft to the touch. All garments are screen printed by hand in the UK.


Claudia is the founder and visionary of BEHERE&LOVE and is a happy creative yogi living in central London. Claudia gained her design and brand experience over years of studying art and design at Central St. Martins and then went on to establish a long career in advertising as a creative Director. Both writer and art director in this field, she created TV and print work globally for huge brands like Levis and Lynx. To contend with a fast paced job and lifestyle, Claudia took up her beloved Jivamukti yoga practice in 2004 and joined the London Meditation Centre to find some much needed balance. She draws creative understanding of clothing and design from her love of fashion and passion for typography. And from being inspired by current fashion trends and movements. Her love of yoga and studying its' philosophy was the final piece of the puzzle in conceiving BEHERE&LOVE on a yoga mat in Costa Rica in 2012. It seemed like the perfect project to inspire her and continue her creative journey.